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CD White Magic by Bill White - Trick

White Magic Twilight Medicine Man Mystic Muse Doll House Ghost Dance Conjuror`s Calling Just Clownin` Chrystal Enchantress Ethereal Explosion...


Life's Magic CD Bill White

Contains ten tracks Beyond Twilight Cascade Fusion Aaron`s Myth Classical Confusion Carribean Conjurin` Coming of Ages The Story RiNgMaStR 12 Bars x Ten Fingers = Oh Yeah Elevationary Theory...


World Magic by Bill White - Trick

CD Contains:

1. Munoz Mambo
2. Geisha
3. Battle for Highland
4. Leprechaun`s Laugh
5. Leaving Venus
6. Eye of India
7. I`m OK You`re OK Corral
8. Sanni`s Dream
9. Planet Jam
10. Nature - What a Mothe...


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