Beginners Magic

Beginners Magic

Beginners Magic

Are you a complete beginner in magic? Well you have found the right part of MagicWorld.

We stock the very best beginners magic , including the Marvins Magic range, and many other incredible beginners magic ideal both the young to the old.

Magic Sets

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Cups And Balls Plastic

Cups And Balls Plastic - Beautifully boxed and makes a perfect gift for any budding magician.


The Experiment by Vinny Sagoo Magic Trick

The Experiment - a super demonstration of ESP using an experiment devised by Dr Rhine in the early 1900's to test for the existence of Extra Sensory Perception. 5 symbols and a devious 3 stage routine proceeds and amazes. Easy To Do - Perfect for beginners to professionals - Everything can be examined!


Marvin's iMagic Interactive Box of Tricks - Trick

Combining traditional magic secrets with the latest technology. Offering the next level in astonishing illusion, interactive play and mind blowing entertai...


Quadrare Caan Opus DVD by Diamond Jim Tyler

Diamond Jim Tyler has married two amazing effects into one stellar stand-up showpiece. While the title may seem like a Latin magic incantation, it actually refers to The Magic Square and Card At Any Number.


Flash 20 Pound Notes x 10


You will get 10 X Flash paper 20 pound notes


Flash Money 10 UK Pounds


You will get 10 X Flash paper 10 pound notes


Flash 5 Pound Notes x 8


You will get 8 X Flash paper 5 pound notes


Out of Sleight by Cameron Francis and Big Blind Media - DVD

Ten incredible full routines that require NO SLEIGHT OF HAND! Zero Sleights, 100% AWESOME!

Employing both ingenious construction and the cleverest of dev...


Deal Of Misfortune by Jasper Blakeley

A Magicbox Exclusive This multi phased gambling effect will both leave your audience entertained and baffled. Using nothing more than the eight custom printed cards supplied you will give your spectators a gambling lesson they will not forget. Your spectator is asked to choose four of the eight cards for themselves in the fairest way possible.

Despite the "seeming" freedom of the spectators choices it is proven that they were anything but. Your demonstration not only goes to prove how the house "always" has the "edge" but through a series of three surprising twists leaves them with no doubt that gambling is a game for losers. If you enjoyed such effects as "Sublime Influence" and "Sleuth" then you will absolutely LOVE this!


Counterfeit by Daniel Meadows and

Counterfeit by Daniel Meadows


Six cards. Two free spectator choices. One mental miracle! The name may be COUNTERFEIT but the reactions are REAL!


Mystique Color Changing Deck (DVD and Gimmicks) by David Loosely and Alakazam Magic - DVD

The colour changing deck has been a classic effect in magic and never fails to get great reactions from spectators.

Dave Loosley has studied this plot an...


Automata by Full 52 Automatic Powerful Magic Tricks

Full 52 Productions proudly presents 'Automata' with Gary Jones and Chris Congreave - NINE completely self working effects guaranteed to elicit huge reactions!

Make no mistake - these are not your run of the mill, novelty self workers. These are PRO LEVEL magic effects, straight from the repertoires of two of the busiest working magicians in the UK!