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Amazing Bundle of Magic Tricks SET 1

Amazing Bundle of Magic Tricks SET 1

Amazing Bundle of Magic Tricks SET 1
Amazing Bundle of Magic Tricks SET 1
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Added 29/05/2010

The AMAZING bundle of magic

includes some of the best magic tricks for QUALITY and ENTERTAINMENT VALUE, all at a price SECOND-2-NONE!

Inside are tricks that can EASILY be performed by a TOTAL BEGINNER to magic, and yet PACKS A PUNCH of professionalism that will nock your spectators socks off, whether it's an audience from a professional gig, or your friends at the pub!


  • David De-Vals Thumb Strap RRP 12.99
    Your thumbs are TIED TIGHT. Even though you cannot separate your hands, you proceed to IMPOSSIBLY catch hoops onto your arm. Then somehow the microphone wire passes the tied thumb's getting you into a mess. Your hands can even PENETRATE a spectator's arm. With this PROFESSIONAL GIMMICK made from leather, you will find the possibilities endless, and a great addition to any show or just to show to friends.
  • Lightning Lady RRP 5.00
    In the style of "Find The Lady" you ask a spectator to keep their EYES on a card in-between 2 different cards. You proceed to move the cards around slowly, mixing them up. When you ask where their card is, you are both AMAZINGLY SURPRISED as the card has COMPLETELY VANISHED leaving the performer with just 2 CARDS! You then produce the card from your pocket or pretty much ANYWHERE YOU PLEASE!
  • Vanisher RRP 4.50
    With this nifty little device you can make cigarettes or pencils VANISH at your will ! With just a little practice, it literally looks as though the pencil vanishes INSTANTLY at your fingertips. VERY EASY TO PERFORM!
  • Professors Nightmare 6.99
    Three indifferent lenghts of rope break all rules of logic and reality and slowly become the same lenght right in front of the spectator's eyes. A truly mindblowing effect.
  • Magic News RRP 6.99
    This is the Age-Old effect where you pour liquid into a newspaper. You then turn the newspaper all around proving the liquid has indeed VANISHED! Just when you think the trick is over you turn it around one more time and POUR the liquid BACK AGAIN!
  • Svengali Deck RRP 4.99
    You rifle through the deck of cards and the spectator selects a card. The card is lost in the centre of the deck, and yet persistently keeps RISING TO THE TOP OF THE DECK! Many hundreds of tricks can be performed with this miraculous trick deck, the finale being ALL the cards CHANGE INTO THE SPECTATORS CHOSEN CARD!
  • Stripper Deck RRP 4.99
    This is another superbly tricked deck. The difference being it can be used as a normal deck of cards too. (every card being different) The clever part is that this deck will allow you to LOCATE A SPECTATORS CARD ANYTIME! A card is selected and returned to the deck FAIRLY. Might seem impossible to find their card, but because of its unique design you can simply CUT TO THEIR CARD AT ANY TIME! Again lots of effects are possible with this deck, and there are full instructions teaching you some of the amazing tricks.
  • Transthought RRP 13.99
    This effect is TRULY IMPOSSIBLE! You show the audience 10 ESP cards. 5 have blue backs, and the other 5 have red. 5 are given to the spectator to place on the table, you keep the rest. You now ask the spectator to try and MATCH ALL THE CARDS correctly. You mix your cards around and ask him/her where to place the 1st face-down card in your hands. The spectator has a TOTALLY FREE CHOICE and you proceed like this until each ESP card has another face down one on top. You ask if the spectator would like to change his mind? No matter what the outcome, you eventually turn over each of the cards (without gathering the cards together) showing that EVERY ESP CARD MATCHES PERFECTLY!

The TOTAL RRP value of all these products if bought separately is: 60.44

You can own ALL of the above for JUST 49.99 GBP

This is a limited offer only so be sure to SNAP IT UP TODAY!

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