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ATTO Presents: Logical Deck (BLUE) by Touson - Trick

Without touching or looking at a selected card, you can divine the name of the selection even without asking question. This can be done with the Logical Deck.

The secret is the intelligent and subtl...


Awatenai Awatenai by Katsuya Masuda - Trick


The performer places a plastic wallet which contains a prediction on the table. Then a spectator chooses a card from the deck. The magician places it on top of the deck without showing its fac...


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Birthday Surprise by Masuda Magic - Trick


A performer picks up a card from a deck which is facing down. He turns the card and you find it is a birthday card that says "Happy Birthday". You...


Birthday Surprise Christmas Version by Masuda Magic - Trick


"Have you ever noticed that there is a Christmas card hidden in a deck?" Says the performer and picks up a card. The card has an illustration of a...


Blink Duplication by Katsuya Masuda - Trick


A card is selected and signed by a spectator. The selection is replaced in the deck and shuffled. The magician introduces a blank face card and sticks it halfway into the middle of the deck. W...



Bolt on Deck by Yoichi Akamatsu - Trick

Reveal and remove a signed, selected card - with a bolt attached to the deck!

Effect: Show a deck that has a hole in the center of each card Your spectat...


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Card Cage by Hideki Tani - Trick

You can perform three effects with this trick: capture a selected card, vanish the card, then make it reappear in a place of the magician's choosing.



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Collaboration Cube by Akira Fujii & Hideki Tani - Trick

This is an incredible effect and routine with a puzzle cube by two Atsukawa Award Magicians, Akira Fujii and Hideki Tani. It contains a "sucker trick" and ...


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DaMasuda Deck by Katsuya Masuda - Trick


The selected card jumps out of the deck sideways. The spectator then examines the deck, bringing the trick to an unexpected ending!

Comes complete with gimmick Bicycle deck and instruction sh...


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Don't Cry For The Star by Katsuya Masuda - Trick


The performer introduces a bunch of cards. He takes a joker which sits on top of the packet revealing the remaining cards have star-shaped hole in one corner. The hole is genuine. The magician...


Dramatic Envelope by Katsuya Masuda - Trick


The magician explains that he made a prediction in the wallet. Then he introduces five ESP cards and have a spectator choose one from them. The performer takes out an envelope from the wallet ...


Easy Vanish by Masuda - Trick

This is not a coin routine, but a versatile gimmick for coin tricks.

Coin tricks usually require a long time of training. However, our new gimmick enables you to perform production, vanish, transpor...