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Propello Pack Gimmick

Propello Pack Gimmick


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Simply pop the gimmick into any standard playing card case to add novelty, movement and a big magical surprise to any card trick.

The creative magic of MagicWorld is indeed proud to offer this great new gimmick to the magical world.


    • The pack will leap into the air some twelve inches from it's case, to be caught by the performer.
    • The case can be made to fly horizontally from the cards into the performers waiting hand
    • The case will leap high into the air leaving the cards in the performers hand.
    • The cards can rise from the case in a slow and spooky manner.
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    • D'Lite Junior (Pair) by Rocco - Trick

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      Just imagine your audience's amazement when you reach into thin air with a hand that's clearly empty and pluck a glowing ball of red light out of nowhere! You can pass the light from hand to hand, make it vanish and reappear, etc. A staple item in the acts of professional magicians world-wide, the incredible D'Lite is also amazingly simple to perform.
    • Sleight of Hand Required Volume 2 by Lance DeLong - DVD

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      Lance DeLong is a professional who's influences stem heavily from the Vernon ideologies taught to him by such excellent teachers as Roger Klause and Bob White. Lance brings a variety of effects to this video series, they are not all knuckle busters, there is something for everyone within these two volumes. The title should stand as a warning that there is nothing within these volumes that is self working, but everything is within the grasp of anyone willing to put forth the effort to learn.

      Lance is a member of the F.F.F.F. and there fore these routines have been scrutinized by some of the best thinkers and performers in the magic world


      - Coins Through Glass
      - Perfect Prediction
      - Sweet n' Low
      - IHT
      - Family Affair
      - Slick Trick
      - Free Fry

    • Silk 18" Single (Black) Magic by Gosh - Trick

      This high-quality silk is perfect for all kinds of magic routines. From stage performances to close-up illusions, this elegant black silk is an essential part of your next act!

      Silk Dimensions Approximately 18" (45.7cm)
    • Psychological Subtleties 3 (PS3) by Banachek - Book

      At the time, Psychological Subtleties 2 was written, Banachek had a large amount of additional material, including commercial routines and tips from friends, that in total would have made that book too large to fit the format of the series. Although Psychological Subtleties 2 was acclaimed as the "Best Book of 2007," we withheld some strong material with the intent of publishing a substantive companion to the series in a separate book. What you are holding is the culmination of a lifetime of research and development, through live performances from Banachek with contributions from an eclectic group of colleagues and professionals around the globe who understood the value and impact of the ideas from the first book.

      The "Psychological Subtleties" series is considered by many to be the ultimate mentalism toolbox. Rarely do you find a magician, particularly in the mentalism community, who does not use some idea, trick or routine that has been inspired by Banachek's magical philosophy, performances, or writings.

      With this third book he continues to inspire readers with the "Psychological Subtleties" series by offering additional fresh and creative ideas along with full routines from both himself and his friends from around the globe. Here you will find routines from Paul Alberstat, Sean Waters, Robert Domenech, Leonardo Silverio, Colin McLeod, Andrew Gerard, Marc Spelmann, Peter Nardi, Don Marco, Craig Leonard, Peter Arcane, Brad Henderson, Mark Roberts, Leo Boudreau, Jonathan Grant, Tony Binarelli, Docc Hilford, Kenton Knepper, Michael Murray, Richard Busch, Bryan Quinn, Francis J. Menotti, Ravi, Raj Madhok, Greg Arce, David Penn, and Joseph Atmore.

      Psychological Subtleties 3 has dozens of routines filled with layers of subtleties and psychological principles for your mentalism/magic toolbox.

      In the Introduction to Psychological Subtleties 3, the living legend and international man of mystery, David Berglas talks about his relationship with Banachek and his respect for his skills.

      Chapter One - Subtle Dealing with Difficult Spectators: Have you ever had your performance disrupted by a cell phone? Have you ever had a spectator refuse to reveal their thought-of number/card/item? Have you ever had a spectator deliberately lie to you about what they were thinking? This chapter deals with preventing and creating the perfect performance situation so these will never happen to you again.

      Chapter Two - Subtle Creating the Perfect Situation: In this chapter you will learn how in the first two minutes to make a perfect impression for the rest of your show, equivoque subtleties, plus you will learn two amazing principles where you will appear to know intimate details about complete strangers. Why do psychological subtleties work for some performers but not for others? Banachek talks in this chapter about how conviction is the key. This chapter also includes how to use politically correct statements in your performance to influence your volunteer's thoughts and a wonderful pseudo explanation to your audience of how you can made them think of a specific vegetable.

      Chapter Three - Subtle Verbal: This is all about verbal "dual reality" and how to be both right and wrong at the same time. It is also how to phrase something so it is understood differently by your volunteer than by the audience. A couple effects from this chapter include "Picture Perfect" wherein a spectator is able to describe the color of a shirt, the color of the eyes, the time on a clock and the name of an individual in a picture without ever having seen it. "Ultimate Imagination" is a coin visualization routine wherein the performer is able to tell a spectator which invisible coin they are thinking of and which hand holds the coin.

      Chapter Four - Subtle Drawings: Drawn from Banachek's professional repertoire, this chapter reveals one of his favorite ploys: the Cheshire Cat Principle. In this effect you know how a spectator is drawing a picture in their mind and also the fact that they left out a major detail in their drawing. Among other effects and principles in this chapter, you will learn a multiple picture duplication, another picture duplication using nothing but psychological subtleties, and a routine where the performer predicts a picture drawn by a spectator.

      Chapter Five - Subtle Letters: This chapter revisits Banachek's principle where spectators mix up letters in a word and think of one and you know what it is. The first two effects take this principle to a new level by allowing you to not only know the letter, but also animals, places, people, and other specific things that reside in the spectator's minds. The chapter closes with a very diabolical book test.

      Chapter Six - Subtle Cards: This chapter deals with how to use various psychological principles to force playing cards.

      Chapter Seven - Subtle Dates: Four spectators think of a date on the calendar. The performer correctly identifies the dates that three spectators are thinking of and concludes with a startling revelation of a fourth spectator's thought. This was originally sold for $20.00 as Kenton's Kalendar. Also included in this chapter are two different methods for revealing the day of the week in a calendar year.

      Chapter Eight - Subtle Psychokinesis: When it comes to metal bending, it is imperative that the audience sees the participant feeling the psychokinesis (PK) happening. Do you want to make spectators feel hot, cold or feel taps/touches or feel metal bend in a bag? This chapter goes into detail on how to create these impressions both psychologically and physically.

      Chapter Nine - Subtle Telephone: Play a dramatic game of Russian Roulette, reveal a song that a spectator is thinking of, and detect a lie all while on the other end of the telephone.

      Chapter Ten - Subtle Numbers: This chapter revisits Banachek's "Reversal" principle that gives it meaning and applies it to an ingenious book test. We also take an in depth visit to the "Gray Elephant in Denmark" principle and give it new clothing. Also included in this chapter is a prediction effect that culminates in creating a souvenir gift origami raven using psychokinesis.

      Chapter Eleven - Subtle Paradox: Using the written word you are able to predict which coin will be chosen and whether it is heads or tails; which invisible M&M will be selected and whether or not it will have nuts; whether medication is taken for two weeks or four days, and; successfully predict the make of a car and whether or not it is a four-wheel drive. You will also be able to show that you knew the spectator's Personal Identification Number (PIN) in advance and in another effect, how to create two separate realities at the same time.

      Chapter Twelve - Subtle Perceptions: Optical illusions are applied to psychic effects in this chapter. For example George Washington on a one dollar bill reveals whether or not a volunteer is telling the truth and in a separate effect, two spectators read the performer's thoughts by staring at a third spectator's scribble.

      Chapter Thirteen - Subtle Betting: You will learn two different methods that will make it appear that you predicted the correct results of the lottery plus a clever way to show that you correctly bet and won on a sporting event.

      Chapter Fourteen - Subtle Dunninger: This chapter reveals some of the bold subtleties used by Dunninger on stage and behind the microphone on his number one rated television show.

      Chapter Fifteen - Subtle News: Banachek reveals one of his most coveted methods for predicting the headlines of the newspaper.

      Pages: 226 - Hardbound with Dust Jacket
    • Mind Bending Spoon by Magick Balay and Fantasma Magic - DVD

      The Fantasma Magic Mind Bending Spoon is an amazing effect in which a solid spoon seems to bend in the magicians fingertips. This is an easy to do trick. It comes with an instructional DVD with lots of handling advice from our very own Magick Balay, one of the top close-up magicians in New York. It comes in its own aluminum DVD carrying case with extra sleeves for more DVD's or CD's for your show. The carrying case itself can be used to reveal the name of a chosen card. After the spectator picks a card, the name of the card is seen on the carrying case! You also get a super bonus effect, the Magic Bending Spoon cards. These cards have a picture of a spoon on each one. The spectator signs one of the cards and then holds it in his hand. When he opens his hand the picture of the spoon on the card is now bent!
    • Color Fusion by Nash Fung and Zenneth Kok - DVD

      For the first time, by the originator himself, Nash Fung reveals THE method of his original


      A card is selected, signed across its face, a quarter with part of the signature is torn away for the audience to keep.

      With the remaining 3/4 card, you proceed to change the color on its back - ONE QUARTER at a time, this is done with PURE SLEIGHT OF HAND. It is so visual you swear it must be trick photography. At the end, you return the 3/4 card for inspection, the signature matches, the card matches, but 3/4 of the back is now in a DIFFERENT COLOR!!!

      This trick is performed stand up at chest height, which facilitates higher visibility for larger crowd of audience

      Ideal for both strolling and banquet shows

      Everything is examinable resulting in a truly impossible looking souvenir. This is a perfect trick to impress your spectator, they will keep this mismatched piece of art for years to come.

      • 8 Special Bicycle Stock Gaff Cards for CNR-COLOR FUSION & RESTORATION
      • Full training DVD that will guide you through every step of this effect, including multiple handlings, performance, handling tips and all the subtleties
      • An interview with Nash "the Takayama" Fung that explores more ideas and possibilities
      ...the effect is a real eye popper... -Matthew Field, Magic Circular

      ...Nash Fung's Color Fusion looks so good that your audience might believe that you are a real magician. - Peter Duffie, Magic Magazine

      Running Time Approximately: 53mins
    • Birthday Detector by Chris Hare and Alakazam Magic - Tricks

      From the mind of Chris Hare Mindboggler comes the ultimate diary trick!

      Imagine handing your spectator a birthday book. With your back turned they turn to their birthday page. You state each page has the name of a lucky playing card at the top. They look and remember the card and then close the book. You now turn back to face your spectator. After a little cold reading you can now not only tell them their lucky card but as the ultimate kicker you tell them their birth sign & even their actual birthday!!!

      Chris's Birthday Detector is easy to do and may be instantly repeated !

      Birthday Detector was previously released and sold by Chris (to a select few) and use to command a price tag £100!

      Comes complete with the same high quality custom printed Birthday book as provided by Chris and full instructional DVD

      Following is Chris's Information on the Birthday Detector:


      Birthday Detector does exactly as its name suggests: It detects people's birthdays! It is a very powerful effect which is very easy to learn and can be performed effortlessly.

      Birthday Detector can easily be carried on your person in your inside jacket pocket. It really can be performed spontaneously as it does not require special circumstances or conditions to work like a dream.

      Birthday Detector does not rely on luck or chance. It works with pinpoint accuracy every time. It does not require the mastering of manipulation skills or dexterity.

      Birthday Detector does not involve or require anything to be written by the participant. There is no pumping or magicians' choice involved. It can be performed in seconds or the routine can be lengthened (not dragged out!) with several more "psychic hits" and revelations. It does not rely on batteries, electronic or sensitive mechanical devices.

      Birthday Detector will not end up in the back of a cupboard of magic tricks that you have lost the instructions for, or could not find a suitable time or place to perform.

      Detecting someone's birthday is such a powerful personal effect; it makes you a far more memorable performer than a magician who has performed a Thought of Card or Think of a Number routine. Birthdays have a strong personal significance to everyone. If you were to perform Birthday Detector on a one to one basis, it would not be long before they tell their friends about you, and those friends will come looking for you to perform it for them.

      Birthday Detector can be performed one to one, or performed on more than one person in a small group (unless performing to triplets!) or to a large audience. The result is likely to be different every time although statistics state that in a room of 23 people two people will share their birthdays. If you happen to strike lucky and meet two people in a small group sharing a birthday you can take full credit for detecting them!

      I have been performing Birthday Detector for several years with great success and I had no intention of marketing it. When I first started performing Birthday Detector, I clearly remember a lady exclaiming, "You are not doing magic. You are doing real mind reading!" Although for a moment I was slightly taken aback by her comment, I knew that I had created something very special. There are very few magicians who have seen me perform Birthday Detector regularly at close quarters. Those few who have seen me perform Birthday Detector several times exclaim that they can never work out how I know the participant's birthday.

      I decided to keep it secret from magicians, not just because it is a highly entertaining unique effect, but also because it proves to be a fantastic marketing tool. Essentially Birthday Detector enables me to secretly ascertain someone's birthday anytime, any place, anywhere quicker than James Bond can shake a Martini.

      Each time I am introduced to someone as a professional magician or asked to show someone some magic; I perform Birthday Detector, secretly discovering their birthday within seconds. I ask them for a business card and write their birthday on the back of their card for my records. The next day I send them a letter stating how pleased I was to meet them along with a birthday personality reading of about 200 words including my business details.

      I also send them a birthday card about a week before their birthday, again with the birthday personality reading and my details. It does not really matter that the card arrives a little early as the birthday personality reading clearly states the correct date. Often I receive phone calls that go something like this, "Chris thank you for my birthday card. I'm still wondering how you knew it was my birthday! Are you available on Saturday I'm having a party to celebrate?" If I am not available they may say something like, "Well are you available in October for my wife's birthday?"

      So why am I marketing it now? Well I figured that the world is a big place and there are plenty of people who have never seen a close up magician perform live. If we work at a large venue with several magicians rarely do we visit the same tables or perform to the same people.

      Furthermore, the magic fraternity amongst its own people is a caring and sharing community. I have made a good living and have been granted a great freedom of lifestyle as a professional magician. This is my way of giving something back to the art for future magicians and audiences to enjoy.

      To be a professional close up magician you rarely need to perform more than four solid routines. Birthday Detector is a routine that I would never be without. It makes an excellent cornerstone for anyone seriously contemplating a career as a professional close up magician.

      For the more seasoned professional, Birthday Detector will give your act a fresh impetus adding a new zest to your performance that we all need from time to time.

      The Birthday Detector plays very well as a highlight or as a recurring feature for stage and cabaret. During my stage act I ascertain the birthday of each person who takes part in my show's other routines. This is done under the guise that if I know their Zodiac sign then I am able to assess a little about their personality and how they might think.

      You would have thought that by repeating Birthday Detector several times during a performance it would become tedious for the audience. This is exactly what I felt until I spontaneously tried it in one of my shows. It became increasingly apparent that Birthday Detector was enhancing my act throughout the performance. Much to my pleasant surprise, spectators approached me after the show, saying how much they enjoyed the entertainment but specifically asked, "How did you know everyone's birthday?"

      If you are performing or thinking of performing fortune telling with Tarot, Palmistry or Cold Readings then Birthday Detector will give you a huge advantage at the opening of your sitter's reading. Tarot and Palmistry strongly correlate with Astrology and the signs of the Zodiac. Playing cards have virtually the same meanings as the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. By knowing your sitter's birthday, Zodiac sign and a Tarot/Playing card that relates to their birthday gives you huge scope to embroider your reading. Furthermore, your sitter will be mystified as to how you knew their birthday. From here on in your readings will sound more meaningful and accurate.

      Some may consider the cost of this product a little high. However, I do wish to maintain a degree of exclusivity. Besides how many magic tricks can generate you more business with an after sales marketing ploy as outlined above? I am certain that Birthday Detector will more than pay for itself in a very short period of time. Birthday Detector gives you plenty of opportunities to build a database of potential clients, as well as picking up bookings on the night of your performance, as a direct result from this most entertaining effect.

      Birthday Detector is an effect that you will want to perform time and time again.
    • Blackjack Surprise by Alisdair Chisholm and Zane - Trick


      This is an easy-to-do, highly entertaining and commercial mentalism/magic routine, with an impossible triple prediction, with props creating a sense of the bright lights of Las Vegas casinos.

      The performer lays down four small placemats, creating an instant blackjack lay-out. The spectator shuffles the cards, selects a casino, places a bet, and the hands are dealt.

      The spectator loses their hand, but wins...a 'comp'; from a pile of possible comps, including some amazing prizes, the spectator wins...a Free Magic Trick! (WHOOPEE!!)

      The performer offers to fulfill the comp straight away; turning over the place-mats, each of the spectator's choices - the casino, the bet, the hands - are revealed to be perfectly predicted.

      Full, easy to follow instructions; custom poker chips; casino cards, with gimmicked card; comp cards; blackjack lay-out placemats.

      "After my last trip to Las Vegas, I came up with Blackjack Surprise, and then worked with my magical friend Zane to turn it into an entertaining routine. It is set in Vegas, fun to perform, with lovely props, plays well to all audiences, has a big ending, and it doesn't take up much pocket space" - Alisdair Chisholm
    • Contact Juggling Ball (Acrylic, CLEAR, 70mm) - Trick

      AR Balls are manufactured from acrylic with other clear resins, reducing cost and giving a tougher surface, making minor scratch and marks easier to buff out. Each ball is individually wrapped.

      Diameter Approximately 2 3/4" (70mm)
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