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Ding Dong by Goshman

Ding Dong by Goshman


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Warning! X-Rated magic ahead! The magician displays two sponge balls at his fingertips. One of the balls is held onto by the magician and the other is placed in a spectator's hand. The magician snaps his fingers and opens his hand to show the ball has completely vanished! When the spectator opens her hand, she has two balls. Both balls are placed back into the spectator's hand and the magician again makes his ball vanish. When the spectator opens her hand, now she has three balls! The magician offers to try it again one last time. The three balls are placed into the spectator's hand who closes it into a fist. This time the magician asks, "How many balls do you think are in your hand?" No matter what her answer, she couldn't possibly guess what she's holding onto when she opens her hand-the magic ding dong!

Includes ding dong and four sponge balls.
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  • Hopping Halves - Returning Coins UK Version

    This trick is a classic but normaly in U.S Dollars Now available in U.K Format 2p and a 10p

    Very little skill and no slight of hand needed to perform this trick.

    A 10p and a 2p is seen in your hand and you remove 1 coin and place it in your pocket.

    When your hand is opened the coins have returned ,again you take 1 coin out and put it in your pocket and again it returns. This happens 4 times then you show 2 coins in your hand remove 1 put it in your pocket ,open your hand and you have none leaving you clean.

    One of the nicest versions we have ever seen.

  • Eugene Burger Greater Magic- #4, DVD

    "My aim was to make the kind of video that I personally would like to own." - Eugene Burger

    You'll be baffled as never before by this professional and his special collection of wonderworks. Eugene Burger intertwines dramatic storytelling and penetrating magic to delight layperson and magic devotees alike. His unique repertoire will charm your intellect, imagination, and emotions. As a skilled a teacher as performer, Eugene guides you through his routines with uncompromising clarity.

    Seven Creations From Magic's Mystic Guru:

    • Diamond Jack
    • Gypsy Thread
    • Card Sleight
    • Sponge Ball Routine
    • Dracula and the Sorority Girl
    • Cocaine Cigarette
    • Coins Through Table
  • HR Svengali Deck, DVD

    Undoubtedly the most versatile set of trick cards in existence, the Svengali Deck makes difficult sleight-of-hand ever so easy! What takes professional magicians years of practice and study can be mastered quickly and easily with the aid of this DVD and a Svengali Deck.

    With instant-access DVD technology, these tricks are extremely easy to learn. By freezing frames, jumping to specific performances and explanations, mastering these tricks becomes elementary for everyone.

    Your Svengali Deck makes hundreds of tricks possible. The following are a just a few of those explained on this DVD:

    • Force someone to choose a card you already know!
    • Cut to the spectator's selected card - while blindfolded!
    • Impale the selected card on the blade of a knife!
    • The entire deck visibly tranforms into duplicates of the spectator's selection, then changes back!
    • And much, much more.
  • Invisible Prediction by Willy Tidona - Trick

    EFFECT: The magician shows a blank, white sheet of paper and asks a spectator to sign their name on it. The spectator signs their name on the paper and then sets the sheet aside face up. A deck of cards is displayed and the spectator chooses a card. The magician places the rest of the deck on top of the signed paper and explains that the sheet of paper actually contained his invisible prediction...he lifts the deck and written on the sheet is the name of the spectator's selected card!

    • Paper can be given as a souvenir.
    • No paper switches
    • Prediction actually appears on the very same piece of paper signed by the spectator.
    • Easy to do
  • Stack Attack by Lew Brooks - DVD

    Stack Attack is a collection of absolutely stunning card miracles from Lew Brooks that are extremely easy to do. The reason is this, all of the work is done before the performance by simply stacking the deck in a prearranged order!

    This DVD contains eight card routines based on gambling themes and there's nothing hotter right now than gambling demonstrations. Lew will take you step-by-step through each routine. Absolutely nothing is left out, included with each effect is Lew's complete patter and presentation.

    Lew also completely covers an extremely easy false shuffle sequence that anybody can learn in a matter of minutes. If you can overhand shuffle a deck of cards you can do every routine on this amazing DVD. Even though the techniques are drop dead easy to d they are totally deceptive. Combined with Lew's patter and presentation, you will instantly have all of the professional level gambling style routines you'll ever need!

    Running Time 1hr 54min
  • Wide Mouth Chop Cup by Ickle Pickle - Trick

    Placing the red ball on the table beside the empty aluminum cup, you pick up the red ball in one hand and the cup in the other hand. Show both to the audience. You drop the ball into the cup and let everyone see it go in the cup. Turn the cup  down onto the table and ask the audience where the ball is. They say "under the cup," and you say "no" as you the lift the cup straight up to show there is no ball under it. "Here it is," you say, taking the red ball from your pocket. After showing the audience this red ball, you put it back in your pocket and ask the audience again where the ball is. Whatever they say, you lift up the cup and show that the red ball is now underneath the cup.

    Comes with bag, chop cup, and one regular red ball, and one "chopped" red ball.

    Cup Dimensions: 3-1/2" Tall x 3-3/4" OD
  • Ring and Things by Wild-Colombini - DVD

    Ten routines with large rings and finger rings.



    RING ON STICK (Bill Simon): A finger ring escapes from a handkerchief and reappears on a stick or a pen!

    PICK A FINGER (Ken de Courcy): The perfect opening for a ring routine. You show your hand empty, a spectator picks a finger and on that finger a ring suddenly appears!

    DIRECT RING/ROPE PENETRATION (Michael Sondermeyer): A ring visibly penetrates a length of rope!

    THE PURLOINED RING (Meir Yedid): A finger ring placed inside a purse frame, disappears. You will be fooled by the method!

    RING-ON-ROPE TOSS (Doug Edwards): A large plastic ring is tossed towards the middle of the rope and penetrates it!

    RING ON RIBBON (Marconick): A reputation maker. A finger ring placed in a jewel box vanishes and reappears on a tied ribbon!

    ROPE, RING AND ROD (Jim Ryan): A finger ring is threaded on a rope, it vanishes and reappears on a pencil held by a spectator!

    KARATE IT ON (Sam Schwartz): The ring is held away from the ends of the rope. A karate chop and instantly the ring is on the rope!

    ON-OFF AGAIN (Oscar Weigle-Sol Stone): A finger ring and a pen are used. The ring penetrates on and off the pen. A solid impromptu routine!

    COMBINATION LOCK & RING (Paul Hallas): A borrowed ring is placed on a combination lock, a spectator discovers the combination using a deck of playing cards!

    Running Time Approximately: 25min
  • Police Handcuffs (with keys)- Trick

    Standard police handcuffs with a double locking mechanism. Nickel plated steel.
  • The Genesis Deck (Bicycle) - Trick

    Bicycle Genesis Deck by Noel Quiles

    The Genesis playing card deck is inspired by the first book of the bible. The first in a new line of the best story ever told. We have put together a deck with not only the collector in mind but also the Cardist, Magician and the everyday card player. The design is a classy look that will get peoples attention when you pull them out in you next game or displayed with your card deck collection.

  • Printed by the famous USPCC/Bicycle┬« Brand
  • Bicycle card stock
  • Custom backs
  • Custom pip designs
  • Custom court cards
  • Custom Jokers


    • Custom Gaff Card
    • Custom 3rd Joker
      • £9.19
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      Like the Timeless Deck, here's another gorgeous "designer" or "custom" deck of cards from RSVP...If you like the look, I highly recommend these cards.

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