Magic Tricks for Cats?

Written by James Anthony

As a follow up to his ‘Magic Tricks for Dogs” video, magician Jose Ahonen attempted the same tricks with cats, expecting similar results. The dog videos showed adorably perplexed puppies who became very distressed watching their treats disappear.

  However, the cats appear to react in the exact opposite way that the dogs did. Instead of whining or searching for the treats, they appears disinterested and most times, just walked away. Guess Jose Ahonen should stick to putting on magic shows for dogs and people, because cats don’t appear to be too impressed with magic.

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The Optical Illusion That Makes You Hallucinate

Written by James Anthony

The below video is gaining popularity on YouTube because it will literally cause you to hallucinate.

  Simply follow the instructions. Once you look away, you’ll notice that your furniture is moving! The optical illusion is a result of the contrasting colors and specific motion of the patterns, which then force your vision to adjust itself, causing the effect. For best results, the video should be viewed in full screen mode. Please note that if you suffer from seizures, this video could possibly trigger an attack and is best avoided.

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Hockey Fans Suing Over Optical Illusion

Century Link Arena Fans Sue BeerWritten by James Anthony

Hockey fans are suing the Century Link Arena because they says they were tricked into paying more money for less beer. According to several fans, the arena sells beer in both small sizes for $4 and $7 for large sizes. However, they say that the beers they bought contained the same amount, no matter what size was purchased.

Check out the video below, which inspired the lawsuit; 

  Currently, 4 fans are suing over this optical illusion. The video showing the issue has gone viral and has received more than 1 million views on YouTube.

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Magician Steals Heidi Klum’s Bra!

eidi klum loses bra to magician Written by James Anthony

One former Victoria Secret model got a very big surprise during a magician’s act on American’s Got Talent. Heidi Klum, who has just started the season as a judge, reported that during a magical act, the entertainer on stage stole her bra. How the act was done, she doesn’t know.

All she really knows is that one minutes she was wearing it, the next it was in the magicians hand. To add insult to injury, he didn’t even give it back! There was no word if the magician made4 it through to the next round, but the Klum was reported to be very impressed…if a little droopy.

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Disney Making Magic Movie

Written by James Anthony Derek Delgaudio Magician Disney

Disney is enlisting the help of some of the world’s top illusionist to create a magic movie. While Keith Bunin with be writing the script for the yet unnamed project, noted magician Derek Delgaudio will be heloping on the special effects Delgaudio is an award winning magician who is known for his sleight of hand and card tricks.

He current works as an artist in residence at Walt Disney Imagionering as well. The script is being kept under wraps for now, but it is expected to be a movie following 100 years of magic.

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Optical Illusion Creates Art

oil painting makes artWritten by James Anthony

Here’s a fun optical illusion to check out. Take a look at the below oil painting. You probably still won’t see that it’s not an oil painting. It’s a photograph. Artist Alexa Meade covers her subjects and backgrounds in paint, until they become literal living oil paintings.

Of her art, Meade states “I wanted to find a way to capture (shadows) and give this intangible absence of shape form and color — not all the shadows I paint are black. They’re all sorts of different colors. So that evolved into painting shadows onto people, and all of a sudden I was turning people into paintings without even realizing it.” Meade has covered a wide range of subjects and individuals with her unique style. For the Very Best in Magic News

Teller’s Tempest Makes World Premier

Written by James Anthony Tellers Tempest Makes Rave Reviews

One of Teller’s dreams is becoming reality this weekend: his re-imagined version of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” The play will premier on Friday in a 500-seat tent pitched in The Smith Center’s Symphony Park. It is expected to run through April 27. In most versions of The Tempest, that magic is more about metaphors than it is about magic. In Teller’s reimagining, at least a dozen tricks, from sleight of hand all the way to levitation, will be accomplished.

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David Copperfield Being Sued for Overtime

Written by James Anthony
David Copperfield being sued for overtime
7 people are suing magician David Copperfield for unpaid overtime. The 7 report that they worked more than 40 hours a week at MGM Grand as stagehands, but were only paid for hours under 40. The 7 also allege that they were intimidated into withdrawing their demands for overtime when they asked about it.

Attorney Greg Kamer, who represents Copperfield, released the following statement Thursday: “David has and will always do the right thing with regards to his employees, and settlement discussions are in process.”

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Magic for Dogs Goes Viral

Written by James Anthony

Finnish magician Jose Ahonen has produced a sequel to the original Magic for Dogs video. The magician’s first video has been viewed more than 11 million times. In the original piece, Ahonen tricks dogs into thinking he is going to give them a treat, only to make the biscuit “disappear.” Magic for Dogs Part 2 currently has about 460,000 views and can be viewed here.

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Scottish Magician Elliot Bibby Determined to Make Food Waste Vanish

Written by James Anthony Elliot Bibby Scottish Magician Asda

While most magic is to entertain, some comes with its very own cause. Scottish Magician Elliot Bibby recently set up a special show at an Edinburgh branch of Asda, where he performed several tricks that urged shoppers to be economical and green. One trick involved changing a £10 into a note that said “the average household in Scotland wastes more than £470 in food per year”.

Bibby was working in affiliation with Greener Scotland, a government organization designed to reduce food waste.

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